May 5, 2020

Gas for Climate calls on EU to achieve 10% renewable gas supply by 2030

Gas for Climate calls on EU to achieve 10% renewable gas supply by 2030

A new study by Gas for Climate describes gas decarbonisation pathways from 2020 to 2050 and identifies the required investments to scale-up hydrogen and biomethane.

The Gas for Climate consortium published the Gas Decarbonisation Pathway 2020-2050 study by Guidehouse (formerly called Navigant), analysing the transition towards the lowest cost climate neutral system by 2050.

This new study highlights that additional EU climate and energy policies are needed to position Europe on the road to net zero by 2050. Its central and aspirational Accelerated Decarbonisation Pathway examines which investments and innovations have to take place in order to achieve a 2030 greenhouse gas reduction target of minus 55%, and climate neutrality by 2050.

“The European Green Deal can accelerate the transition by mandating 10% gas supply from renewable sources by 2030, by enabling EU-wide trade and transport of biomethane and hydrogen, and by strengthening the EU ETS,” says Gas For Climate in a press release.

According to Gas for Climate, large scale production of biomethane and green and blue hydrogen – transported, stored and distributed through existing gas infrastructure – can help achieve 55% emission reduction by 2030 in a smart combination with renewable electricity. “Coupling the electricity, gas and heat sectors – by linking their markets and their respective infrastructure in a better-coordinated and integrated way – provides the greatest overall benefits for the European energy system”.


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