May 13, 2020

Gas prices in Idaho jump 7 cents a gallon in one week

Gas prices in Idaho jump 7 cents a gallon in one week

Idaho and the national average for regular gasoline are the same this week at $1.86 per gallon.

BOISE, Idaho — Gas prices are rising in most states including Idaho as demand grows and stocks decrease. Some states are seeing double-digit increases while the West Coast states are seeing much smaller gains or steady prices.

The national average for regular gasoline jumped seven cents this past week to $1.86 a gallon. That’s the same average price Idahoans are paying at the pump as of Wednesday. The increase week to week mirrored the national price.

“As most states reopen some businesses and ease stay-at-home restrictions that were put in place to slow the spread of COVID-19, demand for gasoline is on the rise and that’s sending pump some pump prices higher. Drivers in the Great Lakes, Central, South and Southeast are seeing the most volatility,” said Marie Dodds, public affairs director for AAA Oregon/Idaho.

However, demand for gasoline is still well below 2019 levels. All 50 states and the District of Columbia have lower prices now than a year ago. The national average is about $1 per gallon less than this time last year.

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Gas demand is expected to continue to grow across the U.S., leading pump prices to continue their increase.

Idaho and Oregon are among 44 states with higher prices compared to one week ago.

Michigan (+29 cents) and Ohio (+27 cents) reported the largest weekly increases.

Hawaii at $3.17 per gallon remains the only state with an average above $3 a gallon.

The cheapest gas in the nation can be found in Oklahoma and Arkansas, both at $1.50 per gallon. 

In Oregon, people are being allowed to temporarily pump their own gas through May 23rd due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Crude oil prices are continuing to increase. There’s growing optimism that crude demand is rebounding as states reopen businesses and demand for gasoline has grown in recent weeks. Crude prices are up about 16 percent in the last month.

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