May 18, 2020

Gas Tax Revenue Drop at State Level Hits Campbell County’s Road Budget

Gas Tax Revenue Drop at State Level Hits Campbell County's Road Budget

Campbell County will see a significant drop in the amount of county road aid and flex funding from the state, due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The county had originally planned to see $708,795 in county road aid funds and $140,844 in flex funding, but those numbers dropped to $621,802 and $123,558, respectively.

Both sets of funding come from the state’s gas tax fund which have taken a hit with fewer people driving and gassing up during the pandemic.  County road aid funding assists counties in paying the road department operations, including wages, materials, capital projects, and more, according to County Administrator Matt Elberfeld. 

Flex funding is used each year to pave a county road, or it can be used by the state to pave a rural secondary road located within Campbell County.

“It’s always been our practice to accept the funds and use them for one of our own roads – the exact road to be paved is decided at a later date, we just have to let the state know if we’re going to take the funds or not,” Elberfeld said in an email.

“Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, road funding in Kentucky was based on an outdated, underfunded model and therefore not adequate for our infrastructure needs,” he said. “This latest decrease makes a bad situation even worse, and Campbell County looks forward to working with the Legislature and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet to restore funding to appropriate levels as soon as possible. While we work for that to happen, we will continue to ensure that County maintained roads are safe and reliable for our traveling public.”

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher

Image via PDS

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