May 14, 2020

Lifestyle: DiLeo Gas to distribute $10k in gift cards to those in need – Entertainment & Life –

Lifestyle: DiLeo Gas to distribute $10k in gift cards to those in need - Entertainment & Life -

By now, you’ve probably seen an episode of “Some Good News” with John Krasinski, the beloved albeit sheepish actor who played Jim on “The Office.” Krasinski manages to find the silver lining during a daunting chapter in the history of mankind with the help of his star-studded circle of friends. He reminds his audience that there’s plenty for which we can still be grateful. After all, mother nature has had a chance to take a deep breath. Strangers are showing kindness to one another. We’re all saying thank you more often. And, we can buy an entire growler of Hill Farmstead Edward from Armsby Abbey, to go. (Krasinski hasn’t explicitly mentioned that last one, but I never thought I’d see the day.)


Worcester has its own fair share of good news, so I thought this week, I’d share one story that made me smile, courtesy of the fine folks at Dileo Gas Inc.


Dileo Gas hired Brian Sora based on his background in the nonprofit world, an unusual qualification for the Director of Operations at a propane company. “They wanted to take someone aboard that could not only help with the growth of the business but also help expand their community involvement because that was important to them as well,” Sora explained, adding, “Their belief in not just serving our community, but actually being a part of the community, is what makes me proud to say I work here every day.


DiLeo Gas is a family-owned and operated small business that has delivered propane to area residents for three decades. The DiLeos have always believed that businesses have a responsibility to their community, be it social, environmental or economic. “With everything going on right now, we know a good majority of our customer base, and community for that matter, are experiencing hardship,” said Sora. The team set to work brainstorming how they might ease some of the stress at hand.


They turned to Worcester Community Action Council, which has helped to provide home heating bill assistance for low-income customers of DiLeo Gas for over 15 years. DiLeo serves roughly 25% of WCAC’s propane clients.


“We wanted to have the biggest impact we could, so we began purchasing gift cards from local essential businesses like grocery stores to distribute to these lower-income families that are using propane,” said Sora, “This way, we can help those who are most at risk afford the things they need while supporting local, family-owned businesses at the same time.”


DiLeo Gas plans to distribute more than $10,000 worth of gift cards from local farms, grocery stores and restaurants in increments of $25. Recent giveaways have included Queen’s Cups, Chuck’s Steakhouse, and Chefee’s Diner. Recipients do not need to be DiLeo customers, they simply need to explain that they are a propane client of WCAC in general. There are also opportunities to win gift cards if you follow DiLeo Gas on Facebook.


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