May 4, 2020

Major Gas Leak in Downtown Rochester

Major Gas Leak in Downtown Rochester

Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) – The Rochester Fire Department responded to a potentially explosive situation in downtown Rochester on Monday.

A news release says fire crews responded to 2nd Street Southeast between Broadway and 1st Avenue just after 11 AM when a natural gas leak was reported. The Fire Department was told a construction crew had accidentally cut into a four-inch diameter underground gas line. The firefighters arrived at the scene and found gas shooting into the atmosphere and creating a high pitch whistling sound.

After evacuating the construction site, the firefighters monitored the air for hazards in an area that includes large commercial buildings, parking ramps, skyways, and hotels. Despite the size of the leak, the levels of gas in the area did not reach explosive levels.

The Fire Department then assisted a team from Minnesota Energy while they applied clamps to several gas lines to halt the leak and make repairs.

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