May 17, 2020

Oil and Gas Report

Oil and Gas Report

The Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission last week issued one drilling permit and one well recompletion. By county, they were:


COLUMBIA — Pinnacle Operating Co. Inc. of Shreveport, LA for Smith No. 35 1 to TVD: 12,600 ft. and MD: 12,600 ft. in Lower Smackover Form. of Welcome Fld. Loc. SHL: 664 ft. FWL & 1,170 ft. FSL of Sec. 35-19S-22W. Contractor: Reliance Well Service; work began May 22.


SCOTT — Oxley Energy LLC of Houston for Lee No. 8-36, 24-hr. prod. 124 in Upper Atoka/Middle Atoka Form. of B-44 Fld. Drilled to TD: 6,612 ft., perf. 3,911-6,466 OA ft. Loc. 2,300 ft. FSL & 2,375 ft. FWL of Sec. 36-5N-30W. Recompletion done March 26.


Loc. — location; Perf. — perforations; FEL — from the east line; FNL — from the north line; FSL — from the south line; FWL — from the west line; FEUL — from the east unit line; FWUL — from the west unit line; FNUL — from the north unit line; FSUL — from the south unit line; MCF — thousand cubic feet; bbl — barrel; MD — measured depth; TD — total depth; TVD — true vertical depth; PBTD — plug back total depth; BHL — bottom hole location; PBHL — proposed bottom hole location; SHL — surface hole location; OA — overall; N/A — not available.

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