May 5, 2020

Oil Fielders Feeling Forgotten: Lafayette Man Creates GOFUNDME for Oil and Gas Workers Laid Off – News15

Oil Fielders Feeling Forgotten: Lafayette Man Creates GOFUNDME for Oil and Gas Workers Laid Off - News15

Thousands of people in the oil and gas industry have lost their jobs during this pandemic across the state and even here in Acadiana.

With more than 23 percent of the oil and gas industry already laid off during this pandemic and industry leaders with the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association think an additional 27% will be laid off by the end of this year the numbers are looking grim for Louisiana oil and gas workers. 

To help those who are being impacted, one Lafayette man who works in the industry is taking donations.

Brock Lyons at Code Compliance Inspections in Lafayette says this is a scary time for workers in the oil and gas industry in Louisiana.

“Everyone is very very scared and worried and I think they should be,” said Lyons. “In our industry, we’re used to a lot of ups and downs, but we kind of have a built-in support system within the industry. This company stops working well we know this company is working we can help communicate and help each other out. In times like this when we don’t know if it’s going to end or when it’s going to come back up, we can’t even help each other right now. It’s like everyone is hurting.”

Many of his coworkers have had to be let go.

“We’ve lost 80% of our workforce,” said Lyons. “We’re down to just the bare minimum.”

Now many people in the industry are struggling to just get by.

“They’re single-income households because their spouse has to be home taking care of the kids while they’re on the road 260 days a year,” said Lyons. “So they lost everything.”

Wanting to help, Lyons went to the internet searching for some kind of fundraiser that helps those in the oilfield.

“I found hundreds of dollars raised for musicians, hairstylists, waiters, and waitresses,” said Lyons. “I feel like the oil field was forgotten. I searched all over.”

So he’s created his own go fund me called Louisiana Oilfield Relief Covid 19 to try to help others out.

“Guys in this field they don’t ask for anything they’re just hard-working people,” said Lyons. “I feel blessed every day that I have a job and I just hope I can help some of these people out.”

Lyons said if you can give even just a little it all helps make a difference when someone is struggling just paying bills.

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