May 8, 2020

Self-service at Oregon gas stations extended

Self-service at Oregon gas stations extended

The Oregon State Fire Marshal has extended the deadline for self-service at gas stations in Oregon.

Originally, attendants would resume pumping gas in major cities on May 9. But now, the deadline has been extended to May 23.

“We want to thank Oregonians and Oregon businesses for adjusting how they fuel up their vehicles and serve customers with this extension of rules suspension, which allows for self-service at Oregon gas stations,” said Walker.

Gas station employees will be at service stations to assist if needed and to make sure refueling is safe for customers but the self-service is an attempt to protect both the customers and the employees from possible COVID-19 exposure.

This extension of the self-service does not impact areas in the state that already do self-service.

Information about the extended rules change for self-service gasoline can be found on the OSFM website 

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